The Entourage Effect & Why Is There THC in My CBD?

For thousands of years, full plant healing has been practiced to heal a variety of ailments. Recently, CBD has been the hot topic for wellness alternatives. Just like any other trend that is developing, there will be countless products to choose from. With all the miseducation that was given to us growing up about Cannabis (Marijuana and Hemp) with propaganda such a “Reefer Madness” we unfortunately missed out on the benefits of all of the cannabinoids that make up these wonderful plants. First off, I want to clear the air that both Marijuana and Hemp fall under the Cannabis Family. What this means is that both plants look very similar and also made up of over 100 cannabinoids that have been known to have countless therapeutic effects including CBD, CBG, and THC. The major difference between the two (also which makes Hemp completely legal) is that they vary in terms of cannabinoid yield. The Hemp plant is known to be rich in CBD and will naturally have a .3% or less THC level. Like I said, it is naturally occurring and such a small amount that it will not give you a psycho active high. Whereas Marijuana will be THC rich and lower yields of CBD dependent on the strain (or type) which will get you high. Now that you understand that CBD is a compound that is derived by the Cannabis family (all of TerpNutrition’s products are Hemp derived), you will understand the power of full plant healing a little better. There are countless studies that demonstrate significant increases of efficiency in a variety of ailments when all of the cannabinoids are working synergistically versus when a cannabinoid is isolated by itself. The effect of all the cannabinoids working together is also know as The Entourage Effect. When you do a full plant extraction you are preserving all of the cannabinoids. What this means is that when you have a CBD oil that has no THC, you could be potentially missing out on the full benefits of CBD. That is why we use CO2 full plant extraction and make our products full spectrum to instill full power of the amazing plant, Hemp. If you are going to do something, you might as well do it right…   Pamplona, F. A., da Silva, L. R., & Coan, A. C. (2018). Potential Clinical Benefits of CBD-Rich Cannabis Extracts Over Purified CBD in Treatment-Resistant Epilepsy: Observational Data Meta-analysis. Frontiers in neurology9, 759. doi:10.3389/fneur.2018.00759

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