Seniors and CBD: 5 Health Benefits of Cannabidiol For Older People

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, has become incredibly popular in recent years. In fact, one in seven Americans say that they personally use different types of CBD products. From CBD muscle rubs to daily CBD drops, many people are now relying on these products to address a wide variety of issues.

CBD supplements and other CBD products can have a number of health benefits for older individuals, in particular. Although some seniors may not be very familiar with CBD, the initial data has proven to be quite enticing. Wondering what the science says about CBD and senior citizens? Here are just five health benefits that daily CBD drops and other CBD products may offer.

1. Pain Relief

One of the most notable reasons to use CBD is the pain relief it can provide. Clinical studies have suggested that CBD can prove highly effective in reducing pain for those with arthritis or nerve pain, as well as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and other chronic conditions. Considering that the vast majority of older Americans suffer from chronic pain, this benefit alone can be highly compelling. Using daily CBD drops or CBD muscle rubs can often provide pain relief that rivals (or even exceeds) many prescription medications.

2. Sleep Improvements

Many seniors experience sleep issues, as it may become more difficult to sleep for prolonged periods as you age. But because getting a good night’s sleep is essential for healing and growth, older folks need their beauty rest even more than young people do in order to protect their bodies and minds. Interestingly, CBD products can often help seniors sleep more deeply and spend less time in lighter sleep phases. Not only can CBD products help provide a sense of calm and quell both stress and anxiety, but it can improve the quality of sleep while eliminating the need for prescription sleep aids.

3. Bone Protection

Our bone health tends to deteriorate as we get older, which can make seniors more prone to major complications after a fall or other incident. Osteoporosis is, understandably, a big concern for many older people. However, preliminary data suggests that daily CBD drops and other CBD products may help to combat that. Cannabinoids may reduce inflammation, help with cell repair, strengthen bones, and even speed the healing process. If you’re looking to protect your bones, you may do well to consider adding CBD to your regimen.

4. Cognitive Conservation

For many, cognitive issues may be a substantial concern. No one wants to lose their memory, after all. And while we don’t yet know how to completely prevent cognitive decline or the development of dementia diseases, CBD could be part of the solution. One recent study found that cannabinoids may help to eliminate a toxic protein related to Alzheimer’s and other dementia conditions. Experts believe that CBD products could soon become part of the treatment (or the prevention of) Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative conditions.

5. Medication Management

We mentioned above that CBD may potentially replace certain medications, such as prescription pain relievers and sleep aids. This is extremely important, as the U.S. is still dealing with an opioid crisis that can personally affect seniors. The fewer addictive medications that are prescribed, the better off seniors — and society-at-large — will be. If daily CBD drops or CBD rubs are just as (or more) effective than prescriptions while being non-habit-forming, that can reduce substance dependency while providing more natural treatment methods. As a bonus, seniors can also reduce the amount they spend out-of-pocket on prescription medications if they see positive results using CBD.

For many senior citizens, CBD products can be highly effective alternatives to more severe treatment methods. Whether you’re looking to improve your sleep or you want to preserve your physical health for as long as possible, you may want to consider making CBD part of your routine.

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