Our Story

TerpNutrition is here to normalize the use of Cannabidiol(CBD) as an alternative solution to living a healthy and balanced life. CBD is the most talked about wellness alternative out today. Although CBD is new to some people, it is a life savior for others. Our bodies are complex machines and need the proper nutritional supplements for maximum health results. As a team of athletes, we understand the importance of recovery and we have found that full plant medicine works most effectively on our bodies.

TerpNutrition encourages active adults to live their healthiest life with the use of hemp derived products. TerpNutrition envisions a world that looks at hemp-derived products as a primary way to a healthier and more comfortable life.

TerpNutrition’s vision is to see CBD as a primary recovery product worldwide. We understand that CBD alone is not going to bring maximum health, but rather is an essential part of a well-rounded healthy lifestyle.

Why We Do What We Do

Having over 20 years of sports and training experience, the TerpNutrition family understands the significance of recovery and feeling your best in order to perform your best. TerpNutrition was founded in 2018 by two health and wellness coaches, Ben and Megan, whose passion is helping others optimize their health. While they were growing up they witnessed their friends and family use different types of prescription pills that have left them either drooling, depressed, or in some cases addicted. Knowing what they know now, CBD could have been an alternative to the majority of those prescription drugs.

The past couple of years CBD has impacted the lives of countless family and friends including one of the co-creators of TerpNutrtion, Megan Loda. Megan suffered from two herniated discs at the age of 21, which caused her a tremendous amount of pain. Doctors told her she would always be dependent on painkillers and would never lift weights again. Ben refused to accept that answer and did as much research as he could to find a natural medicine to help with her inflammation, pain, and recovery. That’s when he discovered the incredible benefits CBD provides. With the help of CBD, Megan has become pain free and feeling her absolute best. Megan and Ben have always believed the key to optimal health is the combination of moving your body, eating nutrient-dense foods, and recovering with a natural remedy, such as CBD.

Megan became a NASM certified personal trainer and over the past 5 years has helped thousands of women prioritize their health. Ben has spent countless hours researching and developing high quality, lab tested CBD products to aid recovery and increase overall well being. This power couple has been on a mission to change the world by inspiring people to value their health.

TerpNutrition’s mission is to improve the lives of everyday active adults with the use of hemp derived products. In order to carry out our mission, it is our civil responsibility to raise awareness for mental, physical, and nutritional health through advocacy and education of how incorporating CBD can help in all of these key areas. Our products are specially designed to help achieve overall wellness in those three areas.

"Took my Terp this morning and it helped with my anxiety A TON.  I had a lot thrown at me at work and I was super calm."
Tiffany Gipsey
April 07, 2019
“Just wanted to let you guys know that I can not get enough of your guys CBD oil lately. It has been helping me with recovery after workouts and helping me sleep like a baby. THANK you again!”
Rachel Silva
June 22, 2019
“Just wanted to let you knowI bought more terp drops. I was going to hold off on buying because I didn’t think I could afford it. But when I used my last little bit I realized how much they help with anxiety. They help me relax before bed and calm down my thoughts.”
Erin Dietz
November 3, 2019
“This stuff is MAGIC. I swear by it. I had the worst hang over, took my terp and it was GONE. Every time I get my period and my cramps/back pain start up I take terp and GONE. I will not go without it.”
Shelby Fulton
February 24th, 2020
“Week 2 taking Terpnutrition recovery cream and NO KNEE PAIN or inflammation. Today was the first time I did a leg workout PAIN FREE.”
Chelsea Rose
March 19, 2020
“My poor dog woke up with an irritated leg. She wouldn’t walk on it and you could tell she was in PAIN. We fed her the pup sups throughout the day and she was TREMENDOUSLY better Even went for a little walk. SO thankful for this product.”
Megan Duffy
May 16th, 2020
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