Interview with Co-Founder, FitLittleMeg & Her Experience Using CBD

We sat down with Co-Owner, Megan Loda to hear her story of how CBD not only helped her recover from 2 herniated discs, but paved the way for her to help thousands of women prioritize their health.

“Pleasure to be speaking with you today Meg! Let’s start from the beginning on what happened exactly.”

Of course! So it all started with my 21st birthday and not because of the alcohol. I woke up that day and went for my typical five mile run and started feeling pain in my lower back. The pain quickly increased moving down my leg.

A week after my birthday I went to the doctors to get a test done. Many exams, muscle relaxers, pain killers, cortisol shorts later I was diagnosed with two herniated discs in my L4 L5.

“Wow that’s such a shame! Especially since this all took place on your 21st birthday! Talk about bad timing. How was the treatment and recovery process? Did you have to do physical therapy or did they give you pain killers?”

Yes exactly, so I started physical therapy weekly while reeling on painkillers and muscle relaxers daily. I was also seeing a pain and clinic doctor and getting epidural injections monthly. Nothing worked. A couple months later I was rushed into immediate surgery because my disc erupted hitting a nerve which caused me to lose feeling in my left leg.

After surgery, doctors told me I had a back of a 65-year-old and would be reliant on medication the rest of my life. My mental health was suffering. I was depressed, angry, tired, irritable and overall unhappy.

My boyfriend, Ben, noticed how much all of this was impacting my quality of life. He started doing intense research to find a more natural form of medication. That is when he discovered the hemp plant.

“Aww, that’s so sweet. Ben sounds like the perfect boyfriend! What happened once you started using CBD?”

I started using CBD regularly and making better choices regarding my health. I began eating healthier and being more conscious about the foods I was putting in my body. Right away, I noticed how much CBD helped with my inflammation, pain and overall recovery. I was soon able to say goodbye to all the painkillers/muscle relaxers and rely heavily on my CBD.

“That’s awesome to hear! I’m glad you both found such an amazing product to help you with you back. Which CBD products do you personally use every week?”

The muscle relief roll-on is a stable in my recovery process. Whenever my back flares up or starts irritating me, I roll this on. It gives me instant relief and always makes me feel better.

I firmly believe that sleep is the foundation to a successful day. If I don’t get a quality night sleep my back aches, I’m irritable, negative and not as productive. So with that being said, I rely heavily on our nightly drops to ensure I get a QUALITY night sleep. I track my sleep often and have found that with the nightly drops I am able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

“Amazing. Thanks again Meg for sharing your story! I’m sure thousands of people can relate to you while others look to your story for inspiration to give CBD a shot.”

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