Be an educated buyer; the different types of CBD oil

The famous question, “What type of CBD oil is best for me?” So many choices, most people get anxiety just thinking about where to start. Don’t worry, by the end of this article you will feel confident in understanding the different CBD oils that are on the market.

Full Spectrum. Full Spectrum is also known as Full Plant. This type of CBD oil is called Full Spectrum because it contains a full array of naturally occurring cannabinoids found in hemp such as CBD, CBN, CBG, THCV, and THC to name a few. CBD is the main cannabinoid in hemp but there are trace amounts of THC in Full Spectrum oils. As I mentioned in my last blog, hemp is classified as naturally rich in CBD and yielding .3% or less of THC (a very small amount). It is such a small amount that it will not get you high. Science is showing evidence of what they are referring to as the Entourage Effect, which is what happens when all the cannabinoids and compounds of the plant work synergistically. What this means, is that the therapeutic effects that CBD is known for will be working most efficiently with its counterparts in tact. Also, with Full Spectrum you are also leaving naturally occurring terpenes, essential vitamins, and fatty acids that come from the plant (all the good stuff) in the CBD oil. In addition to the benefits of all the nutrients, you also could see it help as an anti-anxiety, anti-stress, sleep aid, pain reliever, and inflammation reliever.

Broad Spectrum. Broad Spectrum is very similar to Full Spectrum but processed further in order to strip the THC out of the formula. This has been added to the market and gaining popularity because of the misconception of the effects of responsible use of THC. The theory behind the Entourage Effect was being used in the creation of this type of CBD oil since they are trying to keep the other cannabinoids still intact. Since the oil is processed with heat, typically to reduce the levels of THC to make it Broad Spectrum, it has potential to lose other essential cannabinoids and other vitamins and fatty acids that could play a vital role in the Entourage Effect and how the CBD affects your body.


Isolate. This is exactly what it sounds like. A CBD Isolate is when they isolate the compound by itself. This would strip all of the other benefits of the plant away. What a lot of studies are showing is that when you isolate a compound, its effects become dampened and will not react as effectively.


We believe you should be an educated buyer when it comes to supplements to benefit your health. We are a business that believes firmly in the Entourage Effect since our team has experienced the benefits first hand. We hope this helps you choose your next CBD product.


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