4 Reasons Why Seniors Are Using Full Spectrum CBD

Did you know that seniors (age 55 and above) account for more than a third of the United States’ prescription drug use? Yes, you read that correctly. Even though seniors only represent 12% of the total population, they are among the most medicated population groups in the country. Luckily there are healthy alternatives!

Full Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD) has shown to provide seniors possible relief for more than 50 different conditions including chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety-related disorders, and more. Early research shows that CBD may also benefit bone, heart, and brain health. While CBD’s therapeutic properties are certainly beneficial for all age groups, the over 55 population may benefit from CBD consumption most of all.

Posted below you will find the Top 4 Reasons Why Seniors Are Using Full Spectrum CBD.

1. Pain

Muscle/joint pain is one of the most common problems for seniors. The greater majority of seniors are suffering from arthritis and other chronic pain conditions that cause them constant discomfort. Not to mention all of those with pre-existing injuries that have become worse over time thus leading to even more pain/suffering. 

Full Spectrum CBD is known to be an organic way to decrease inflammation naturally by interacting with your endocannabinoid system. CBD binds to our bodies’ receptors and initiates the release of serotonin that helps alleviate the perception of pain. CBD topicals, such as TerpNutrition’s Recovery Butter, are a great way to help alleviate pain on targeted areas. We recommend applying a liberal amount of cream to the specific area and then massage it thoroughly into the skin. If the pain doesn’t subside within 30-60 minutes, apply more cream as needed.

In the case of chronic or severe pain, ingestible CBD products such as TerpNutrition’s Daily Caps, can help with longer lasting relief. 

2. Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is also a very common ailment for seniors. NLM research shows that,

“A chronic pro-inflammatory status is a pervasive feature of aging. This chronic low-grade inflammation occurring in the absence of overt infection represents a significant risk factor for morbidity and mortality in the elderly”. 

Full Spectrum CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system to reduce the sensitivity of stimuli in our body to reduce inflammation. By incorporating both topicals and ingestibles, seniors have been able to create a proactive approach to feeling their best without the dependency of pharmaceutical or prescription drugs. If you’re looking for fast acting relief, TerpNutrition’s Daily Drops users have stated they usually feel the benefits within 15-30 minutes. Otherwise, TerpNutrition’s Daily Caps are once again another great alternative!

3. Sleep

Sleep is the foundation to feeling your best both mentally and physically. Full Spectrum CBD can aid seniors to get to sleep quicker and improve their overall quality of sleep. It’s quite common for seniors to have trouble falling asleep. A good night’s sleep is crucial for our body to take its time to heal and repair. Ailments such as depression, anxiety, pain, and inflammation are among the numerous reasons that lead to seniors losing sleep at night. 

CBD tinctures can help calm the mind and body naturally thus allowing you to fall asleep and stay asleep. TerpNutrition’s Nightly Drops contain a custom nightly terpene blend that’s been known to help people with acute sleeping disorders to chronic disorders.

4. Anxiety and Depression

Mental health ailments such as anxiety and depression are common problems for a large portion of the senior population. These mental health problems can take a heavy toll on their overall health and wellness. Unfortunately, a lot of pharmaceuticals for these issues can interact with other drugs or conditions. Not treating these conditions can greatly affect one’s quality of life. 

Full Spectrum CBD is the perfect alternative for seniors to help cope with the unseen ailment. Some studies show that CBD alters the response of the brain to anxiety and triggers hormones that create homeostasis or balance in the body. CBD ingestibles such as TerpNutrition Daily Drops and/or Daily Caps can benefit seniors in fighting these mental ailments.


In conclusion, Full Spectrum CBD can be an excellent alternative to improving the overall quality of life for a senior in your life. Everyone deserves to feel their best both mentally and physically, so why not do it with TerpNutrition’s Recovery Line.  

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